+Will you Yield in time?+

I’m staring at Lucas’ gifs below and I have to remind myself Mads is a married man with kids so I have to turn off tumblr and go read a book for the sake of my sanity.


Mads Mikkelsen as Lucas after Thomas Vinterberg’s attempt at making him ‘less pretty’

Mads Mikkelsen and his coat, from the movie “Move On”.


I wonder if Mads Mikkelsen is aware of the effect he has on women, men, genderfluid folk, animals, fauna, assorted organic life forms, fabrics, metal, stardust…

On working with Mads Mikkelsen:

Caroline Dhavernas: He is intense. He’s wonderful and he’s very passionate about his work. I’ve never seen him complain about being there, about being cold and God knows they’ve put him through the ringer. He’s just a wonderful co-star and a wonderful person to be around, and the most talented actor right now I think in the generation. So just to be working with him is such a blessing. I was a fan of his before I worked on the show. I watched a lot of his Danish films and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out I would be working with him.


Mads Mikkelsen + the angry face twitch thing requested by anonymous

Who are those "I like Hannibal Lecter but I don't want him to have his own story or any character development in the show and I don't want too much Hannibal/see his face frequently" people? Just wondering? Their reasons are "too Hannibal-centric would suck, for example, Hannibal/Hannibal Rising" but the show (200% Will centric) is almost the same level as (maybe worse than) Hannibal/Hannibal Rising right now? What's the difference?

In the duration of the episodes’ airing, I used to make posts about:

I got people reblogging my post explaining how we can’t have that because Hannibal is Satan so there shouldn’t be any character development, which  boggled me every time, because who said Satan had no character development? He was the morning star, for heaven’s sake! Why are both Jesus and Satan described as the “morning star”?

I got people reblogging my post telling me Hannibal is a supporting character and it’s all about Will and if I don’t like it I can watch the films or read the books and not watch the series. Because apparently unless you can write odes to a series and its creator you can’t watch it, like it, or criticize it.

Some of these people (who are now on my ignore list and my life is far easier) hate Hannibal/Hannibal rising because if Hannibal has a past he cannot be the monster who scares people to death. However, they have absolutely no problem with this version of Hannibal who seems like a schoolboy with his first crush… to each their own, I say. But telling me how to feel or what to do is…. rude and obnoxious.


He listen to my playing as he struggled with his injuries. Everyday he would hear me. Everyday he would become stronger. He said my playing saved his life. And he was… The most beautiful man I had ever seen. With his scars and eyes. I had no idea who he was or what he did. Over time, I learned what he was. By then, it was too late.

I loved him

There is bottom Hannibal and an attempt to keep him in character and then there is the ridiculousness that is the Hannibal tag right now.

I’m watching Rebecca with Emilia Fox and Charles Dance (shout out to sherlock-hannibal for age difference relationship in a tv series besides the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock film with Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine) and thinking of Mads Mikkelsen as Maxim de Winter.