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Maybe some people expected Mads to say something like "oh yeah 99% of Bryan's plot is about how Hannibal loves Will and it's lame/boring/bad writing." but the thing is that Mads is working with Bryan so he really can't say anything bad.


Also, I don’t think Mads hates working on Hannibal and with Bryan quite that much, anon.

So do we think Mads wants to work with Lars von Trier or not? Or scratch that. Do you think he could work with him? is the right question.

 Lars on his and Mads’ Younger Years 
"Mads messed around as much as I did before becoming fully focused on acting. He first began dancing in a dance ensemble, and then he actually also learnt Chinese," reveals his brother.

As youngsters they did everything together. Although they attended separate schools, they shared leisure time - among other games they both played handball.

"We were both sports boys. Unlike me, Mads was very popular with many friends - but not so much among the girls, because he was very small," says Lars with a big brother laugh.

 Mads’ tiny growth was due to him being a very avid gymnast, and the hard training in Gefion gymnastics meant that his physical development slowed down.

 ”When he stopped gymnastics, I think he grew 20cm in a year, and then started to be a hit with the ladies. He was probably 17 at that time.”

However, both Mads and his big brother quickly found the women they are both still with. There are silver wedding bells just around the corner.

 ”Mads and Hanne is obviously aren’t at an official silver anniversary, they had kids first and got married later. But if you calculate, since the time they became a real couple, they are getting there.” Lars has a true silver anniversary with his partner, Anette, in a few years. [x]


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ffenebres said: Glad you liked Doctor Who (with Peter Capaldi?) Interested to know why you didn’t like the 2006 Jane Eyre though. Have you also seen the recent film with Fassbender?

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I would marry him I loved, and give up my throne and my country.

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Is some moron actually attacking Mads for saying the truth of what Bryan wrote? It's not Mads' fault if you don't like it, the love thing is literally the only way any of Hannibal's actions make sense in season 2. At least Mads has the maturity to admit it whereas Bryan will not say it straight and prefers to tease.

Nuh, I don’t think that was the anon’s idea. But I also think it would make no sense for Mads to say that Hannibal doesn’t love Will. It’s quite clear that he does. Which means many things for the character, in my opinion that are overlooked because of shipping and the series’ narration.

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