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Hannibal Suit & Tie Pajama Appreciation

Is it just me or these two episodes were kind of blah? I mean I still followed the show but I feel i was only watching the actings. 2x08 had Margot but her story line didn't connect to the plot so well. Help...I am losing my interest.

Oh… how to help you? Well, basically, and while I don’t really disagree with you, I don’t think the plot has changed all that much in comparison to season 1. It follows the same ideas and directions as season 1. The last two episodes may seem like that because 2.07 told many, many things in 42 min while 2.08 didn’t give any answers to questions risen in the previous episode. So yeah, you have to watch til the end of the season to understand what’s going on.

And truth be told, acting is a very, very serious reason to keep watching. :)

I think Margot’s story will very soon be connected to our main story and characters. They plan the season as a full story. Give it a try until season 2 it’s over at least.

And Hannibal petting a sheep was too good to be missed! ;)



Hanni had a little lamb

I could never entirely predict you.




This is apparently actual artwork done by Mads Mikkelsen. 

What is this man. 

What is he doing with his fucking life.

can we talk about how he drew it in pencil first 


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Mads & Lars Mikkelsen in Rejseholdet

It would be so nice if people tagged their ships.

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