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a rebirth

sherlock-hannibal said: Welcome back bb. Misssss uuuu

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I can tell by looking at him

Hi, haven't seen you for a long time, did you left the fandom temporarily? Because I just did, after Mads' "Love is blinded" comment. IMDB posted this during S2 to make joke on Hannibal's stupidity and now he is using it. I guess I have to watch some Hopkins' Hannibal since I prefer his comment on Clarice than Mads "Will is his dearest thing" explanation. They couldn't find any reason other than "he loves Will" for Hannibal's actions, which was boring. Well, at least he made girls scream.

Hello! Thanks for your message. It’s great knowing I’ve been missed. :)
What? Leaving Mads’ fandom? Of course not!
It was great being offline for a while. It’s August. I’m in Greece. Being here fighting… ahem  discussing a series that’s not airing at the time was too much for me with this heat.

Hm… I don’t know what Mads said? But we’re not blind either. We can see Hannibal loving Will. There’s nothing new there. So if he said that, he was clearly right.

You know I’ve watched the first new Doctor Who episode and I liked it.  You’ll see most people complaining about things that haven’t even crossed my mind while watching the episode. And that’s OK. They have a right not to like something. But in the Hannibal fandom, if someone, heavens forbid, wonders why the series titled Hannibal doesn’t have more Hannibal or why said character has nothing to do outside of Will, is instantly a hater. And quite frankly, I’m done with it. I don’t care if people don’t want their favourite things to be criticized. I don’t care if someone loves the series as it is. I don’t particularly care if they think Bryan is God and not a human being with faults and biases and his reading of famous literary characters being different than mine or other fans’. It’s shocking but it happens. (I’ve watched BBC 2006 Jane Eyre and was rolling my eyes constantly at what they did to my favourite characters; yes, it’s an adaptation, but it was an adaptation that didn’t see the characters of Jane and Rochester like I did. I prefer 1995 Pride and Prejudice over the 2005 adaptation. I adore 1991 Wuthering Heights and don’t really like the ‘39 one because it stops in the middle of the novel. I know people who have different opinions.) It’s just that; opinions and preferences and how each individual sees/reads behind the lines things. And if I don’t like something, I have every right to say so. Unless this is not democracy. And quite frankly, Hannibal fandom doesn’t remind me democracy most of the times….

I love Mads. I adore his acting, and I have watched the Clash of the titans (TWICE! I maybe should make a budge about it! and quess what? No fan of Clash of the Titans complained about me criticizing it) because of him. So, chances are, I’ll keep watching Hannibal. And keep criticizing if I feel so.

By the way:
"They couldn’t find any reason other than "he loves Will" for Hannibal’s actions, which was boring. "

They cannot find any other reason than “he loves Will” because there is no other reason that would justify some of his actions, and quite frankly not even that comes close to justify them, in my opinion. But, but, but… Hannibal is a monster, so he can’t love anyone. It’s nice how “the fandom” makes a habit of disregarding everything else Mads’ says (about all the people Hannibal loved) but is wrapped around his words about Hannibal loving Will.

I’m staring at Lucas’ gifs below and I have to remind myself Mads is a married man with kids so I have to turn off tumblr and go read a book for the sake of my sanity.


Mads Mikkelsen as Lucas after Thomas Vinterberg’s attempt at making him ‘less pretty’

Mads Mikkelsen and his coat, from the movie “Move On”.


I wonder if Mads Mikkelsen is aware of the effect he has on women, men, genderfluid folk, animals, fauna, assorted organic life forms, fabrics, metal, stardust…