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Post from imdb about Alana. Thread title: Please get rid of Alana.

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turian-chocolate said: I think I should learn to avoid them too… all he’s mentioned so far about Hannibal’s character in S3 is that ‘he’s missing Will’ (while he said that Will’s state will be explored). I’m trying not to get my hopes up now, but it’s still hard…

It’s nice to know what’s going to happen at times, but right now I’m just not interested. It’s why I don’t really care about what’s to be said in SDCC. And I just read a passage in vulture about how Mads dared not to go? which only made me think good for him.

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turian-chocolate said: judging by what Fuller’s said so far it’s probably the latter, isn’t it :’)

I haven’t read any interviews, other than some “Fuller said” articles. This doesn’t sound promising.

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I hope traumatized Hannibal will be more because he had to kill/hurt Jack/Alana/Abigail/Will and less because Will lied and didn’t go with him for European holidays.

I think some people are so sealed inside their fate that they hide deep within their mind.” A Royal Affair, 2012


Mads Mikkelsen (elegantly) beating up people in various roles requested by anonymous

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Mads Mikkelsen attends the “The Salvation” photocall at the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival

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Mads Mikkelsen will attend HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis - September 5-7th, 2014! More infos on their site.

From their Group Page

- Mads will be line-cut accessible for VIP ticket holders. There are some VIP tickets left - visit www.horrorhoundweekend.com to order yours.

Auto will not be pre-sold - professional photo op info will be up next week. We will be having fun with this one. Expect a Hannibal-themed op and a “normal” op.

We will try to have his op details fully within the next week.