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I’m doing an internet research in greek articles on Mads Mikkelsen and I found this (beautifully titled as “the legend of Mads Mikkelsen”, taken from the Greek translation of Michael Kohlhaas being “the Legend of Michael Kohlhaas”), so I thought I should translate:

I try to imagine something similar to “American Idol”  with actors, and Mads Mikkelsen being a participant. To have ten actors come out before him and interpret the same scene, a scene from “Hannibal” for example. Possibly, a dialogue with Will Graham. They may highlight all the right words,  have the right body language, be scary, be majestic, to make everything right. And then it’s time for Mads Mikkelsen to enter, and just stand on stage. In situ, you forget everything, because suddenly you care only about that guy. Some people just have IT .

Mads Mikkelsen has gravity. He may simply stand and stare, and the audience cares. We want to know more. His look (glance) is both melancholic and crafty. He is impressive but not a cartoonish giant. And he has this strange indefinable accent that is as not a mother tongue, as if he speaks something else, as if he is from somewhere else.

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The Danish star of “Hannibal” conquers the world.


look mom, I’m a cannibal!

And now I want to bang my head against a wall. Really hard! But hey a magazine cover on a newspaper magazine (which I didn’t buy sigh…)


In case anyone speaks Greek, nothing new either way…

❝ Hannibal is not one person. He is a surgeon, an artist, a psychiatrist, a flower-arranger, a gourmet cook, an oenophile, a brew-meister, a boy who lost his sister, a man who can’t stop killing, and a god. And he gets hungry. ❞

Janice Poon (via starlightandcrimescenes)

Hannibal 2x08 - “Su-zakana”

He has this gift for micro-expressions where little things happen over the ripple across the surface of his face. So in the scene in the pilot when Hannibal is with his patient Franklin, who he later kills, it was fun to see David directing Mads and saying ‘I need to see a bit of a smile.’ And he was like, ‘I was smiling.’ And David would say ‘I can see it, but the camera can’t see it.’ [x]

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our main players - apéritif

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I think one of the most unproductive things in the internet is hating or calling fictional characters names.